Hyde Hall

Winter at Hyde Hall

winter lakeThe winter landscape of this beautiful estate holds many surprises. With temperatures that have fluctuated throughout the season, the lake has gone from liquid to frozen and back more than a few times.  One of the most interesting moments was when we had ice on the lake followed by a day of milder temperatures with rain—and we watched the water flowing over the surface of the icy under-layers. It is an ever changing view, but always stunning.

20160212_9709 Genevieve 1000px


Even though the mansion is closed at present, the preparation for our upcoming season at Hyde Hall continues. During the coldest of our weeks, one very dedicated employee, Genevieve, worked diligently outdoors to remove locust shoots to maintain the appearance of the grounds—in spite of admonitions from her concerned manager. We appreciate her commitment and hard work in helping to keep our grounds in shape all year long!


20160205_9679 Brush 2 1000px

Eagle 2_9687


In addition to our staff and volunteers, we have had a few other guests this winter as well. During the cold and blustery weeks of February, we were visited by two bald eagles, one adult and one immature. They were seen sitting on a tree branch near the water and captured on film by John Bower, Hyde Hall’s Marketing and Outreach Manager. A few days later, we were visited by a trio of deer, resting together in the morning sunshine. They didn’t seem to mind the cold.


Eagle 2_9688 20160212_9701 Young Deer -3F Hyde Hall 1000px

The winter landscape here has a certain allure—it is peaceful, solemn, and breathtaking, and always a bit different from one day to the next. We will enjoy watching the season slowly begin to transition to spring over these next weeks as we prepare for all the activity that will follow in 2016. We hope you will join us for a visit!

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