Hyde Hall

Waiter or Tray

Waiter or Tray

Waiter or Tray

Made by an unidentified maker, probably in New York City or Philadelphia

Purchased from Baldwin Gardiner & Co.

New York City, New York


On October 31, 1833, George Clarke (1768-1835) purchased three silver waiters or trays weighing 236 oz, 164 oz, and 75.16 oz, from Baldwin Gardiner & Co., 149 Broadway, New York City. Baldwin Gardiner (1791-1868) opened a retail store at 149 Broadway, New York City, in 1827 where he sold fashionable, often imported furnishings.  He commissioned silver for his store from several New York City silversmiths as well as his brother’s firm Fletcher and Gardiner in Philadelphia. He required that his own name and occasionally his pseudo-hallmarks be stamped  on silver made by different silversmiths.  This example is the largest of Clarke’s three waiters and they cost $531.00.

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