Hyde Hall

Venison Warming Platter

Venison warming platter

Venison warming platter

Made by James Dixon and Son

Sheffield, England

Purchased from Baldwin Gardiner & Co.

New York City, New York


The venison platter, 30 inches long, was purchased by George Clarke (1768-1835), from Baldwin Gardiner & Co., 149 Broadway, New York City, on November 24, 1833 for $35.00. The japanned tin cover cost an additional $15.00. A second platter. 24 inches long, was purchased for $25.00, and tin cover for $10.00. The large platter is marked “Dixon & Son/ 81,” and the smaller “Dixon & Son/ 61.” Both platters have a hollow center that was filled with hot water through a hatch in the rim that kept the food warm.

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