Hyde Hall

Scotch Marmalade

croissants-698873_640Anna Maria Gregory Clarke’s Time (1853 to 1872)

Take 6 Seville oranges, squeeze, and cut peel in strips, white skin and all. Soak 24 hours with 6 quarts of water and skin 2 lemons and then boil hard.  When orange and water is boiled down for about 2 hours, or until it is reduced about half, measure the liquid and add one pound of sugar for each pint of orange.  Then boil until it jellies.

From Jane Holt Averell Carter, Mary Gale Carter Clarke’s mother.

From The Ladies of Hyde Hall: History, Hospitality, Letters, and Recipes 1819-1963
by Anne Clarke Logan and Karin Lodinsky Nelson
available online in the Hyde Hall Gift Shop Here.

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