Hyde Hall, believed to be “haunted” for over a century, was featured on the Syfy cable channel network’s popular investigative series, Ghost Hunters®, on October 30, 2013, Halloween Eve. According to Hyde Hall Executive Director Jonathan Maney, “the Ghost Hunters producers saved this episode for their Halloween special—the best slot in their season. It’s that good!”  Each year during our summer season, we offer special evening ghost tours to focus on the events and places featured in the program, and exclusive candle-lit tours take place during the month of October.

Watch the full ‘Hyde and Seek’ episode from Ghost Hunters® !

◊  A widow’s curse?
◊  Deaths at Hyde Hall
◊  Stories of secret tunnels
◊  A “woman in white” in the nursery
◊  The piano in the Drawing Room “plays tirelessly”
◊  A ghostly mayday message on the radio, heard by the craftsman who spent 10 years working alone in the house

◊  A family friend and relation, James F. Cooper II, writing in 1920, describes his experience one night…

“Knowing [Hyde Hall] and its owners from my youth, I was a frequent visitor for nearly half a century. Some thirty years ago I was one of a November house party composed, with one other exception, of members of the [Clarke] family…”

Listen to our site interpreter, Gary Koutnik, finish this bizarre tale…

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