Hyde Hall


Your contribution helps fund the continuing restoration of this great house as well as our tours and public events.

Historic places like Hyde Hall connect us to our regional and national identity. Identity, continuity, and memory ground us and shape who we are.

Visiting a historic site, interacting with the environment and interpreters, and touching artifacts creates a powerful kind of storytelling experience. The history we remember is not what we learned in school: it is what we experienced by visiting an extraordinary place like Hyde Hall.

By participating in all that Hyde Hall has to offer, we keep beauty, art, and architecture alive. Hyde Hall is brought to life by our participation in musical and theatrical events, art shows, car shows, picnics, wine tastings, and historical reenactments. And when guests schedule their dinners, birthday parties, and other celebrations at Hyde Hall, they honor the past as they create meaningful life experiences for their families.

Your generous support expands these opportunities for all of us. Please help us continue to offer events and activities that provide rich opportunities for the community at large and for the exploration of our common history. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference. Thank you!

We will:

  • keep you informed of our ongoing restoration efforts;
  • send you advance notice of special events and tours;
  • give you a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to maintain a 200-year-old stone house with over 50 rooms;
  • and notify you as our Collections database grows!

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