Hyde Hall

Dining Room Marble Mantel, Great House (1829-1834)

(ARC10) Dinning Room Mantel (4) (Black Belgian Marble - Joseph N. Barnes - Sept 3, 1833)

Dining Room Marble Mantel, Great House (1829-1834)

Hyde Hall, Springfield, New York

Supplied by Joseph N. Barnes

New York City, New York


On September 3, 1831, George Clarke (1768-1835) purchased three mantels from Joseph N. Barnes, a marble cutter from New York City. This mantel is made of Portoro marble, a black marble with veins of yellow that is found in La Spezia in northern Italy. The andirons, fenders and fireplace tools were purchased from Baldwin Gardiner of New York City on May 25, 1833. The andirons cost $20.00 and the shovel and tongs cost $10.00. The fender was purchased on November 4, 1833 for $24.00.

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