Hyde Hall

Nursery Brass Heating Vent, Service Wing (1832 -1834)

Nursery Brass Heating Vent, Service Wing (1832-1834) brass vent

Nursery Brass Heating Vent, Service Wing (1832-1834)

Hyde Hall, Springfield, New York

Supplied by Peter Smith

Albany, New York


On November 1, 1830, George Clarke (1768-1835) purchased eleven heat regulators or vents from Peter Smith, a copper-smith in Albany, NY. Ten were used to control the amount of hot air for the first floor rooms of the Great House at Hyde Hall, and one was placed in the nursery. The heat was generated in a hot air chamber by a soapstone furnace which was purchased from Allen Goodridge and Company of Albany on August 21, 1830. The furnace was located in a fire proof room in the northwest corner of the Great House with direct access from the outside.

Wooden Mold

Wooden Mold


Wooden Mold

Made by Joseph Shepley (w.1830-1838)

Cooperstown, New York


As Hyde Hall was nearing completion, George Clarke (1768-1835) commissioned Joseph Shepley, a carver who worked in Cooperstown between 1831 and 1839, to make wooden molds to create the plaster ornamentation of the rooms in the Great House. This motif appears in the soffit of the ceiling.

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