Hyde Hall


Object NameCellarette
DescriptionMahogany cellarette or wine cooler which is lined with zinc and contains a small hole at one end of the tub. Original bills show Clarke purchased this on August 27, 1813 from John Meads.
CreatorMeads, John
CreatorMeads, John
Place of OriginAlbany, New York
MaterialMahogany/Mahogany Vaneer/Brass/Zinc
DimensionsH-24 W-24 D-18 inches
PeopleClarke, George b. 1768
Patterson, Anne Hyde Clarke
Meads, John
Catalog Number1995.0863

This piece fit into the empty space in the sideboard (pictured below).

Staffmember Susan Yard Monroe Plays the Forte Piano

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata played on the Hyde Hall Forte Piano.

Created in Albany between 1830 and 1832, the Osborne & King forte piano is
now playable again thanks to a grant from Douglas Kent. Several new bronze strings
ordered from London replaced ones that had broken, and with a fresh tuning
the piano sounds remarkably well and resonant in the environs of the Drawing Room.

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