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Severe summer storms impact operations

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Early last Saturday evening a strong cluster of thunderstorm cells passed through the area. At Hyde Hall we suffered power outages and damage from large branches of maple trees falling on the south lawn, the road leading to the visitor center at Tin Top and other areas of the grounds.  The mansion and Tin Top suffered no damage although power was not restored to Tin Top until Tuesday afternoon. We were not able to conduct tours on Sunday but operated tours from the Kent Administrative Center on Monday and Tuesday.

A wedding reception was in full swing at the time, the guests were able to shelter in the mansion during the worst of the storm. Generators were quickly brought on line and soon the party was in full swing. Memories of this wedding will be with the couple and guests for years to come.

Thanks go out to the Glimmerglass State Park crew and the power company for the cleanup.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hyde Hall.

John Bower, Marketing Manager


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Hyde Hall Receives 30 Year Lease Renewal


A letter from Jonathan Maney
Executive Director and CEO, Hyde Hall, Inc.
from the Spring 2016 Newsletter


For more than 50 years, Hyde Hall, Inc., and the State of New York have conducted what was once a unique experiment. Forming the first public/private partnership to ensure that Hyde Hall would be saved, the State and a group of leading Cooperstown-area citizens began a type of partnership that is now copied at many other historic sites. While the State retained ownership of Hyde Hall, it granted the responsibility of planning and implementing major restorations to the Friends of Hyde Hall, a group that included members of the Clarke family and others who understood the significance of Hyde Hall and the need to raise funds to restore it. As time passed, the Friends of Hyde Hall became Hyde Hall, Inc.

This extremely successful partnership with New York State has produced the vast improvements that we now see. To ensure Hyde Hall’s continued stability, and to demonstrate strong commitment to our shared goals, we are renewing our lease with the State for another 30 years.

In brief, this agreement with New York State and Parks will help us increase tourism and continue Hyde Hall’s restoration and preservation. Our goals include:

  •  developing new specialty tours;
  •  expanding the hydehall.org.mylampsite.com website;
  •  developing our research library and its rare book collection;
  •  improving access to our digital archives;
  •  building new partnerships with our area’s arts and cultural organizations;
  •  developing new ways to build Hyde Hall’s reputation as a Central New York cultural center;
  •  following the proposals set out in the Hyde Hall Cultural Landscape Report to improve interpretation and enhance the landscape;
  •  restoring outbuildings, including the Cart Hovel, Ice House, Woodshed, Barn Complex, and Lime House, with the goal of making them suitable for free exhibitions and displays that would benefit Glimmerglass Park visitors and teach them about lake culture and 19th-century agriculture;
  •  developing access to Otsego Lake from Hyde Hall; and
  •  completing the restoration of the interior of Hyde Hall.

Altogether, the large price tag for these goals will benefit local contractors, and with improved access to Hyde Hall, our local economy will be strengthened and tourism will grow.

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