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Hyde Hall Store February Sale

We are celebrating Presidents during the month of February!

This is a special opportunity to purchase select books on presidents and vice presidents associated with Hyde Hall or Cooperstown, while supplies last.

DURING THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY, buy one of the following items either on-line through our web store (links below), by mail order, or by phone, and receive:

Sample of Vintage Postcard
  • (1) FREE shipping (Save $3.95)
  • (2) A set of five Special Vintage Postcards (valued at $5.00) of Hyde Hall from the early 1900’s (when TR would have visited and FDR’s first time here)

NY State Tax of 8% will be added. Prices displayed at the product links below.

Books about Presidents

Click on any of the links below to view/purchase.

>>>> Martin van Buren (Ted Widmer)
Biography of our 8th US President, first New Yorker elected to the White House. Van Buren was the first president to visit Cooperstown while in office. Part of the American Presidents series.

>>>> Colonel Theodore Roosevelt 
(Edmund Morris) 
Third volume of the classic biography of “TR” details his post-presidential years by Pulitzer prize winning author. TR was the first president to visit Hyde Hall.

>>>> The Roosevelts (companion to Ken Burns’ PBS series)
(At $35, already discounted from national retail price)

>>>> No Ordinary Time (FDR and Eleanor) (Doris Kearns Goodwin)
The Home Front in World War II.Now classic Pulitzer Prize winning account of their complex partnership duringthe tumultuous war years.  Franklin & Eleanor were guests of the Clarkes at HydeHall in August, 1930.

>>>> FDR The Man He Became  (James Tobin)
“How FDR defied Polio to Win the Presidency.” Detailed account of FDR’s epic personal achievement that sheds new light on his life and struggles. Hard cover

>>>> Pathways to the Presidency – A Guide to the Lives, Homes and Museums of US Presidents
by Gerald & Patricia Gutek. Covers lives, homes and museums of presidents from Washington through George W. Bush. Paperback

Books about Vice Presidents

>>>> Fallen Founder: Aaron Burr (Nancy Isenberg)
(Burr had legal dealings with George Clarke builder of Hyde Hall from Clarke’s early days in New York and later when Hyde Hall’s construction was under way.) 

>>>> On His Own Terms : A Life of Nelson Rockefeller 
(As Governor,  Rockefeller intervened to save Hyde Hall from proposed demolition by NY State.)

To place an order by phone, contact Randy Lamb at (607) 547-5098, Extension #4. Local pickups by appointment only.

Leader Head Project Underway

This fall Brian Chappell of Aurelius Restoration Services made significant new progress replicating the type of leader heads that once graced Hyde Hall.

Why are these leader heads worth laboring over?

A leader head is a kind of plenum that allows rain water from the gutters to gather in the box-like top section without backing up. Without the head or box section, water can only go into a narrow pipe and will back up during heavy downpours and run down the exterior walls. It will then soak into the mortar and limestone (yes, limestone is porous) where it will cause damage to both the exterior and interior of the entire wall.

Having already recreated and installed 4 large leader heads on the east façade, Brian has now crafted 2 smaller versions to be mounted on the right and left side of the Portico pediment. Recreating these leader heads and mounting them in the original 1820s holes drilled into the limestone exterior wall will help to alleviate the moisture issues at Hyde Hall, as they will efficiently direct water out of the gutters and into the downspouts that go into the ground and away from the house.

After considerable time spent finalizing the design of the smaller leader heads, in late November Brian installed them on either side of the Portico pediment. These two leader heads, like the four larger ones put up in June, 2019 on the Great House section of Hyde Hall’s east façade, are now functioning as planned.

All of the newly fashioned leader heads are constructed of copper, primed, and coated with the same Acrymax paint used to seal the roofs over the Great House so that they blend in with the roof and stone walls.

Our Hyde Hall team spent over 2 years researching correct styles for reconstructing the leader heads as we had no photos of the tin originals which likely rusted out and were taken down by the 1870s. Working with architects, architectural historians, antiques dealers, and others who provided images and artifacts for us to study and copy, we finally decided that we had come up with an historically appropriate and practical design. Our copper leader heads will be far more durable than the tin originals and should function well for many years. Along with Brian Chappell, members of Hyde Hall’s leader head team included Gib Vincent, Jonathan Maney, Carl Stearns, Jeremiah Rusconi, and Ed Polk Douglas.

In the spring Brian Chappell will create and install 6 more of the smaller leader heads in the Inner Courtyard to complete this project. Funds for this project came from private donors who recognized the need for reproducing as accurately as possible the elements of the drainage system that once worked well to protect Hyde Hall and keep it as dry as possible.


These images follow the progress of design and installation of a prototype leader head at Hyde Hall.  In spite of the weather a trial installation was made on November 29, 2018.  After evaluation, 5 further units will be installed on the east side of Hyde Hall to funnel water into the downspouts.

New Images Added on 12/18/19!

Click any image to open in carousel view.

Pictured below is Brian Chappell, Aurelius Restoration Services, Cayuga, New York

Small Town Big Band a Hit at Hyde Hall

Over 250 people enjoyed a great concert performed by the Small Town Big Band last Friday Evening. The weather was perfect. A relaxing evening on the South Lawn of Hyde Hall overlooking the beautiful vistas of Glimmerglass. We thank the event sponsors, the Leatherstocking Credit Union,and Hometown Oneonta, The Freeman’s Journal, AllOtsego.com and WKTV News Channel 2 .

We also thank our vendors Red Shed Brewery of Cooperstown, and Rock Hill Farm of Mohawk.  We also thank the Susquehanna Animal Shelter who brought some of their dogs who are looking for a permanent loving home.

Video and Images by John Bower

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