Hyde Hall

Cooperstown Music Festival Pro-Am

June 27, 2015 at 7:30pm


Hyde-Hall-pro-am-1024x767Hyde Hall will host a special Pro Am performance this month as part of the season pre-festival program from the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival.  The Festival’s Pro Am concerts feature highly accomplished non-career musicians  who are coached by and then perform with professional artists, including Festival Artistic Director Linda Chesis, flute.

A suggested donation of $15 is welcome at the door.

Click here to view some of the images from the 2014 event, taken by John Herr.

The Cooperstown Summer Music Festival offers an exciting lineup of concerts this summer! Information about the complete summer schedule and how to purchase tickets can be found on their website here!


Hyde Hall is a perfect venue as a collaborative partner for community musical and theatrical performances.  This year, we partner once again with the Glimmerglass Festival to host a special literary event, Moonshine Revelers and Shades of Night.


The “weird sisters” that set the plot of Macbeth in motion are just a few of the supernatural characters that flit through Shakespeare’s works. The program will include a wide variety of songs and arias introducing some of these fantastical visions, performed by members of the Glimmerglass Young Artists Program.

From ghosts and witches, to oracles and spells, join the performers of Glimmerglass Festival to explore these elements through excerpts from plays and operas, as well as other musical settings of Shakespeare texts.


Saturday, June 13 | 5:30 p.m. | Hyde Hall
Tickets $20/youths $10 (12 and under)
Buy Tickets (through Glimmerglass Festival Box Office)

The Oldest Covered Bridge in New York State

In the early days of roadways, bridges were typically constructed out of wood, which was plentiful, inexpensive and a fitting structural material.  Exposed wooden bridges would deteriorate quickly (10-15 years) from exposure to the elements, so to enable a more durable and long-lasting structure, bridges were built with a cover, in most cases including both a roof and sides.  Most covered bridges have been replaced to accommodate today’s vehicles and modern traffic.  There are only about 1600 original covered bridges remaining in the world today, and one of them was built as part of the Hyde Hall estate – officially the oldest covered bridge in NY.

covered bridge1

Hyde Hall’s covered bridge, built by George Clarke in 1825, is the oldest covered bridge in New York State. It is 53 feet long and one lane wide and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1998. It can be seen on the grounds of Glimmerglass State Park, which borders Hyde Hall and was once part of the great Clarke estate. It crosses Shadow Brook and is for pedestrians only. The bridge form is known as a Burr Arch.

covered bridge5

covered bridge6


For more information about covered bridges and where to find them, visit the following websites:

Music Fit for a Hyde Hall Celebration!

One of the highlights from the Celebrate Mom! Garden Party this month was period-style entertainment in the Drawing Room by Angelica Palmer and Friends.  This talented group of singers performed madrigals, a genre of music made famous during the Renaissance.  These lyrical compositions feature a separate part for each voice and are typically performed without additional musical accompaniment.

For more information about madrigals, you can visit this Fun Facts page.  To view recordings from the event, watch the YouTube Videos below – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Madrigals with Angelica Palmer & Friends

Now Is the Month of Maying
Composer – Thomas Morley (1557 – 1602), Lyricist – Orazio Vecchi
Singers: Kerstin Green, Angelica Palmer, Quinn Bernegger, Wesley Lovell
Performed May 9, 2015 at Hyde Hall, Cooperstown, NY

Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno
Composer – Jacques Arcadelt (1507 – 1568), Lyricist – Marquis Alfonso d’Avalos
Singers: Kerstin Green, Angelica Palmer, Quinn Bernegger, Wesley Lovell
Performed May 9, 2015 at Hyde Hall, Cooperstown, NY

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