Hyde Hall

The Grand Tour – 2016 Gala Details




Saturday, July 30, 2016

Departure Time 5:00 pm

For best opportunity to settle into your berth and bid in the silent auction for

souvenirs, please arrive for cocktails & hors d’oeuvres from 5 – 7 pm

The 2016 Hyde Hall Honoree is


Christopher F. Ohrstrom

a tireless supporter of historic preservation in America and beyond, from his

chairmanship of World Monuments Fund to his co-founding of Falmouth Heritage

Renewal, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to rehabilitating the

extraordinary Georgian Colonial architecture of Falmouth, Jamaica.

The 6 th Annual Anne Hyde Clarke Logan Cultural Preservation Award goes to

Photo Steve Larson DSC_9998 1200px

Steven E. Larson of Adelphi Paper Hangings

a world-renowned artisanal studio in Sharon Springs, New York, that is the

nation’s only firm dedicated to the authentic re-creation of hand-made,

block-printed wallpapers of the late 18 th and early 19 th centuries.

Dress: Well-Traveled
(18th century through 1930’s)

Prizes will be awarded for Best Lady’s Touring Ensemble and

Best Gentleman’s Touring Ensemble

All proceeds will benefit the continued preservation of Hyde Hall.

For questions or to RSVP by phone, please call 607.547.5098, ext. 8




Matthew Zwissler

Gala Committee

Flis Blum, Gaylord Dillingham, Nicole Dillingham, Cathleen Edidin, Laird VR Elting,

Frank Farmer, Sally Graumlich, Pat Hanft, Nina Lawford-Juviler, Milla Lozanova,

Eric Lysdahl, Lilla Ohrstrom, Mitch Owens, Don Raddatz, Karen Craig Ryland,

Tara Sumner, and Jeanette Weldon



Jennifer Hulse


The Grand Tour – 2016 Gala Agenda

The Journey Begins

5 pm


Hors d’oeuvres

Tours of Hyde Hall

7 pm

Presentations Under the Tent

Christopher F. Ohrstrom
2016 Hyde Hall Honoree

Steven E. Larson of Adelphi Paper Hangings
The 6 th Annual Anne Hyde Clarke Logan Cultural Preservation Award

Best Lady’s Touring Ensemble

Best Gentleman’s Touring Ensemble

8 pm

Continental Cuisine

8:30 pm

Live Auction

9 pm

Dessert and Dancing

10 pm

Au revoir, arrivederci, auf wiedersehn, good night!

Scotch Marmalade

croissants-698873_640Anna Maria Gregory Clarke’s Time (1853 to 1872)

Take 6 Seville oranges, squeeze, and cut peel in strips, white skin and all. Soak 24 hours with 6 quarts of water and skin 2 lemons and then boil hard.  When orange and water is boiled down for about 2 hours, or until it is reduced about half, measure the liquid and add one pound of sugar for each pint of orange.  Then boil until it jellies.

From Jane Holt Averell Carter, Mary Gale Carter Clarke’s mother.

From The Ladies of Hyde Hall: History, Hospitality, Letters, and Recipes 1819-1963
by Anne Clarke Logan and Karin Lodinsky Nelson
available online in the Hyde Hall Gift Shop Here.

Hyde Hall’s 2016 Summer Season Highlights

ARC16The 2016 Season is promising to be an exciting one for us here at Hyde Hall.  We have many wonderful things we look forward to sharing with our guests, including the showcasing of our new carpets as our restoration efforts continue to progress.

Earlier this month, we kicked off our Enchanted Spaces Exhibit in the Kent Administrative Center Gallery which features  impressive landscape photographs by Troy Hourie and Abby Road, two very talented artists.  Also included are a select number of photographs of Hyde Hall.

On Memorial Day weekend, we begin our hourly Mansion Tours that will run throughout the entire season with a one day break for our exciting Hyde Hall Gala “The Grand Tour” on July 30.  Our tours are the best way to introduce visitors to the rich cultural heritage of our area through the detailed history of the Hyde Hall estate.  Our professional Site Interpreters are a great resource to those who are interested in learning about the Clarke Family, the mansion, as well as our many wonderful artifacts in our collections.

During the month of July and through mid-August we present the return of our special Haunting of Hyde Hall Tours, running on Wednesday evenings with three available time slots each night.

On the evening of July 25th, we will once again be partnering with the Glimmerglass Festival who will be presenting a special Concert at Hyde Hall.  Additional details about this event will be posted on our website and publicized through our communications channels as they become known!

Saturday, July 30 is the date for The Grand Tour, the annual Hyde Hall Gala event.  We hope you will join us for a very special, enchanting evening on the Lake.

Later in August (August 21), we will host a sure-to-be-memorable evening with The Cooperstown Summer Music Festival as they feature Hopkinson Smith, a lutenist who will perform works by John Dowland, John Johnson and Anthony Holborne.

On September 10, we look forward to the presentation of a Glen Berger play, Underneath the Lintel, which will be performed in the Hyde Hall Drawing Room.

Details about all of our events can be found at our website at  https://hydehall.org.  Call us at 607-547-5098 for reservations and additional information!  We look forward to a great season and hope to see you soon at Hyde Hall.   
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