Entrance Hall Lantern

Dating to the first quarter of the nineteenth century, this fabulous Argand hall lantern was restored and finally installed in May, 2017 by machinist Joel Paradis of Westmoreland, New York. Joel fabricated the missing center fixture and patinated the frame with highlights to match as was done in the period. With the addition of this over-sized lantern, which is perfect for the generous proportions of the Entrance Hall, the mansion now boasts a variety of functioning period lighting devices that will be used for evening tours and demonstrations.

The lantern is a gift from Douglas R. Kent, who made funds available to support its purchase and full restoration. The lantern’s name is derived from Aime Argand, a Swiss-French chemist who devised a center draft burner in 1783 that represented the first major technological innovation in improved lighting since the time of the Romans. Although not original to Hyde Hall, it is an important early light fixture typical of the oversized lanterns often found in the halls of English and American mansions.

We thank Doug and all our donors who have made it possible for us to add to our collection of furnishings and working period lighting.

Hyde Hall 2017 Annual Appeal





December 5, 2017

Dear Friends,

Your generous support makes all of this possible at Hyde Hall:

  • Easter Egg Hunt. More than 600 children and their families flock to Hyde Hall for this free, yearly event.
  • The Celebrate Mom Garden Party. Moms and their families enjoy a free afternoon of tea, tours, cakes, and other refreshments.
  • Music in the Drawing Room. We host two sell-out concerts in this intimate and beautiful setting. These events are held in collaboration with the Glimmerglass Festival and the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival.
  • A Civil War Reenactment. Hyde Hall is the perfect site for this free program with demonstrations and music staged by a local group of historical reenactors. We want to do many more of these events!
  • Hyde and Shriek! Each fall over 600 guests enjoy our October candlelight storytelling tours. We are planning for additional dramatic and ever-changing ways to bring to life the 200-year history of Hyde Hall.
  • Great House Tours. Our talented staff interprets and explores the rich cultural history of Central New York on a daily basis for visitors from all over the country.
  • Free meeting and picnic space. In 2018, Hyde Hall will host many historical societies and clubs in our area, and we plan to invite many more in the coming years.
  • A gallery, exhibit, and outdoor showplace. We plan to open newly restored out- buildings and picnic areas for use as exhibit spaces, outdoor concerts, and events like the Morgan car show, among many others.


None of this could happen without you. Thank you for helping us to make Hyde Hall a great destination for those who love history, music, art, and the amazing natural beauty of our region. Thank you for helping to keep much of what we now offer free and open to the public. Above all, thank you for bringing Hyde Hall to life.

Please make your gift now to ensure that Hyde Hall continues to be a wonderful place!

All the best,

Jonathan Maney, Executive Director  and  Gilbert T. Vincent, Board Chair

P.S. We do hope that you will consider a December donation as a holiday gift to Hyde Hall. If a donation in January is a better fit for you, however, we can accept gifts to this year’s annual appeal through January 31. Thank you!

NY Gives Day 2017

Hello Friends!

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching! Hyde Hall is participating in #NYGivesDay on November 28 and we need your help to make our campaign a success.
You can support by making a donation, by sharing this email with your friends, by sharing our information on your social networks and helping to drive people to our NYGivesDay Profile Page on November 28.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Jonathan Maney, Hyde Hall, Executive Director



Extensive documentation. Hyde Hall is one of the most documented houses in America and this treasure-trove of letters, bills, and receipts has guided our research and restorations and has fleshed out much of what we know about the house and its history of five generations of Clarke family residency here.


A great tours staff. Tours at Hyde Hall consistently get rave reviews on TripAdvisor because of our interpreters’ depth of knowledge, their professionalism, and their genuine passion for history.


The distinctiveness of Hyde Hall. With its extremely rare, vapor lighting and other functioning, period lighting, its growing collection of accurately reproduced period-style textiles, and its carefully documented rooms with original furnishings produced by important New York State furniture craftsmen such as John Meads and Duncan Phyfe, and its strong, English flavor, Hyde Hall offers visitors an unusually interesting window into the heritage of our past.


The outstanding beauty of our setting. Hyde Hall offers some of the best views in New York State and is an excellent example of the English picturesque aesthetic.


The originality and integrity of George Clarke’s masterpiece. Hyde Hall is largely unaltered from the lifetime of George Clarke and retains roughly 70% of its original furnishings. Hyde Hall is therefore a rare social and architectural survivor from the first decades of this nation’s history and has much to show people about life in a sophisticated, elegant, and technologically complex country home.

Hyde Hall Raises over $202,000 for Major Restorations!

Hyde Hall, the National Historic Landmark and State Historic Site located in Glimmerglass State Park, is pleased to announce that 59 benefactors contributed $202, 095 to the 2017 Hyde Hall Challenge Grant Campaign that was launched on June 8th. This challenge grant, made possible through a matching gift initiative from the Tiannaderrah Foundation and the Gipson Family of Unadilla, New York, will fund the complete restoration of Hyde Hall’s most important rooms.

Hyde Hall Dining Room © Hyde Hall

The 2017 Challenge Grant Campaign ended September 5th. As Dr. Jonathan Maney, Hyde Hall’s executive director, explains, “We exceeded our $100,000 fundraising goal, and with the generous match provided by the Gipson Family of Unadilla, we have a great success to show for our very special, bicentennial year.” Maney says the Gipsons’ gift is “transformational,” and with it he and the Hyde Hall Board of Trustees will move steadily toward completing major restoration goals that include the Kitchens as well as the Dining Room and Drawing Room window treatments.

About the drapery, Maney says, “Once completed, these restorations will establish Hyde Hall as a leader in the reconstruction and reproduction of a ‘lost art’—the sumptuous and beautiful textiles that established the highest standards of taste for worldly and wealthy Americans in the first half of the 19th century.”  He goes on to say that while illustrations of window treatments can be seen in period paintings and drawings, “Hyde Hall now will be among the first to accurately reproduce continuous drapery—a spectacular style of period window treatment—based  on sound scholarship, strong surviving evidence, and meticulous craftsmanship.”

Maney hopes the drapery project will promote a new understanding and appreciation for one of the highest forms of decorative arts to be found in early American homes. Funds will also be used to completely restore the Hyde Hall Kitchens to their 1835 appearance. Maney anticipates the possibility of holding period cooking classes there and hosting special tours that will explore early 19th century cuisine and foodways. “With this grant, Hyde Hall makes a major step forward toward achieving its goals and fulfilling its potential as one of America’s most distinctive and interesting historical sites.”

Hyde Hall remains open for tours every day of the week through October 31st. Tours begin at 10am and then on the hour until 4pm, when the final tour departs. Please visit www.hydehall.org.mylampsite.com for more information about tours and special events such as the evening Hyde & Shriek candlelight tours that are available Friday and Saturday nights every weekend in October.

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