Hyde Hall

Terrace of Hyde Hall

View of Hyde Hall From Lake Otsego
View of Hyde Hall From Lake Otsego

Terrace of Hyde Hall

Glimmerglass State Park, East Springfield, New York

One of the standard features of the natural English landscape is the main house standing on a terrace that highlights the house and opens distant views to the occupants. George Clarke (1768-1835) modified the terrace at Hyde Hall by cutting into Mt. Wellington and expanding a small natural plateau on the site.

 2012 Photograph by Michael Reynolds


The Courtyard


Hyde Hall, Springfield, New York

2011 photograph by Michael Reynolds

A view from inside the courtyard facing north. The projecting, semi-circular bay contains the main staircase to the second and third floors of the Great House. The courtyard allowed light and air to the interior rooms, separating the family areas from the guest and staff areas, and holds a cistern that was supplied with water from the roofs.

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