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Music from the Archives of Hyde Hall

New album scheduled for release in early 2021 by the Musicians of Ma’alwyck

The Musicians of Ma’alwyck (Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz, Director, and violinist, Sten Isachsen, guitarist,  Norman Thibodeau, flute) a Scotia-based ensemble, have successfully wrapped their week-long recording session in Hyde Hall’s dining room. The album will be available earlier in 2021.

“What a musically satisfying week we spent recording and filming at Hyde Hall. Musicians of Ma’alwyck had six wonderful days to record a CD with delightful and musically substantial works including an arrangement of Auber’s “Le Philtre,” drawn from Hyde Hall’s musical archives, and to film a concert that will be streamed later this year. All of the repertory was instrumental opera transcriptions, with the exception of the charming Otsego Polka! Working in this very special historic site with staff members who are so passionate and committed to Hyde Hall and its story, made the project truly a labor of love for all of us. The acoustic in the dining room, where we recorded the CD was warm and detailed, and the inner courtyard offered the perfect setting for the concert filming. Look for a release of the CD in the winter of 2021. More information will be available about the concert to be streamed soon.”
 —Ann Marie Schwartz, Director of the Musicians of Ma’alwyck

Gallery of the Louvre’s New Location at Hyde Hall

Hyde Hall’s magnificent copy of Samuel F.B. Morse’s Gallery of the Louvre now finds itself in the Drawing Room. We believe that this new location was the original position for the celebrated artwork based on recent evidence. Detective work on several fronts offers both primary source material and physical evidence to support the move. Personal correspondence and newspaper article have come to light detailing George Clarke’s purchase of the painting for his Drawing Room in 1834 from Morse. Two venerable spikes high on the wall in the northwest corner—9 feet apart— match the length of the original painting and provide forensic support to the placement.

Guidebooks to the Samuel F.B. Morse’s Gallery of the Louvre are on sale through our bookshop or at Hyde Hall’s Online Store.

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