Hyde Hall

Argand Lamps – Set of Three

These mantel lamps stand at 19.5 inches in height with a double-armed lamp in the center and two single-armed to each side.

Catalog Number: 2017.29.1

The Argand lamp is a type of oil lamp invented in 1780 by Aimé Argand. Its output is 6 to 10 candelas, brighter than that of earlier lamps. Its more complete combustion of the candle wick and oil than in other lamps required much less frequent trimming of the wick.

These new lamps, much more complex and costly than the previous primitive oil lamps, were first adopted by the well-to-do, but soon spread to the middle classes and eventually the less well-off as well. Argand lamps were manufactured in a great variety of decorative forms and quickly became popular in America.

From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argand_lamp

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