Hyde Hall

A Banner Weekend for Volunteers!

Hyde Hall’s success depends upon the hard work and goodwill of our amazing volunteers and staff.


On Saturday, June 13, we provided a water station for 350 runners in the Race The Lake Marathon and Half-Marathon at our Mill Road entrance, located at Mile 17 of the marathon and Mile 4 of the half-marathon.  Leigh Graham, Julia Dudley, Andrea Bell, John Bower, Jill Maney, Jarka Szabo, and Jane Prior were our stalwart water and Gatorade bearers, while Douglas Kent and Jonathan Maney lustily cheered the runners and walkers on.  In the afternoon, Hyde Hall’s Board of Directors, also dedicated volunteers, held their Annual Meeting in the Administration building, electing two new board members to four-year terms.  Finally, a full house of 69 attended our first musical program of 2015, Moonshine Revelers and Shades of Night. The program and reception were supported by Pam Wightman, who created beautiful cheese platters, and Jill Maney and Samantha Jicha, who poured beverages, stacked chairs, and repositioned Hyde Hall’s furniture after the event’s conclusion.

Hyde Hall deeply appreciates the assistance of volunteers in all its many activities; won’t you join the fun by emailing karenclements@hydehall.org.mylampsite.com and offering your talents?

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