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Hyde Hall maintains an enormous collection of furniture and furnishings, much of which dates to the time of the house’s builder, George Clarke, and reflects both his tastes as an English country gentleman and the times he lived in.

Because Clarke kept meticulous records – numerous bills and receipts of his purchases – now preserved in the Clarke Papers, we have extensive documentation for such notable pieces as his 1813 Dining Room table, sideboard, bed, and set of chairs that first graced his home in Albany prior to his building the Hall.  Subsequent acquisitions by this visionary builder range from marble top tables to mirrors to portraits, books, and window treatments. Wardrobes, dressers, corner basin stands and more have been restored to family and guest quarters.  Additionally, Hyde Hall has acquired “replacement” items to supplement the original pieces, notably a 1820s piano forte similar to one the Clarkes owned, and a sumptuous reproduction of Samuel F. B. Morse’s massive painting, “A Gallery of the Louvre.” George Clarke bought the original directly from the artist (and subsequent telegraph inventor) as he was completing the Great Rooms here, but it was later sold by his son, though the current owners granted permission for this specially commissioned copy.

Each generation of Clarkes left acquisitions as well, representing their times and tastes. For instance, early 20th century children’s cribs and toys adorn the nursery as they would have in the 1920s. An extensive photography archive helps to record how many of the rooms appeared from the 1890s through the 1930s.

Today we continue to fine tune the arrangement, care and interpretation of this treasure trove to enhance our understanding of life through five generations of Hyde Hall’s occupancy and share that experience with our guests.

Tin-Top-w-HHPreservation & Restoration

Preservation and restoration work at Hyde Hall includes careful and researched rehabilitation for property and grounds structures as well as

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lettersArchives & Digitization

The documentation about Hyde Hall and the Clarke family is an incredibly valuable resource for our work at Hyde Hall.

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  Much of the artwork found at Hyde Hall are original to the home during the Clarke family’s tenure of ownership.

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Once one of New York State’s most fashionable mansions, Hyde Hall is regaining its high-style elegance. Through a generous grant

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George Hyde Clarke (b.1768) had a habit of preserving every document he ever produced or received. In his will, he

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Many of the furnishings at Hyde Hall are original to the home and can be documented with the actual receipts

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  The lighting fixtures at Hyde Hall provide a look into the attention to detail of the era as well as

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  A wonderful array of objects are available for viewing at Hyde Hall, including household artifacts, books, and decorative objects like

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  There are a number of recipes and household tips that are compiled in The Ladies of Hyde Hall; History, Hospitality,

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  There are a number of additional artifacts and home features that are included in this category, i.e. the fanlight pictured

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