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Your support is vital to Hyde Hall. 

Over the years, you have made it possible to restore and conserve this rare historic gem. It’s because of you that Hyde Hall is moving to the next phase of its development: enabling visitors to connect to history in profound and personal ways. Significant improvements and restoration efforts have positioned Hyde Hall to better serve as a resource to our community, to inspire and excite curiosity, to tell distinct stories of the past, and to offer unique experiences that enhance our lives in Central New York.

Your contribution helps to offer a variety of experiences through music events, historic dinners, food and wine tastings, and enhanced tours. It funds scholars and students whose study is crucial to telling the stories of those who are often underrepresented and little known. With your support, learning pods, students, teachers, and visiting school groups will have greater access to history.

Your gift is essential. Thank you for your generous support!

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