Call to Artists

In honor of Hyde Hall’s 200th Anniversary, we are inviting artists to participate in an open exhibition. Hyde Hall, the Cooperstown Art Association, and The Smithy welcome artists to submit art that represents, interprets, or reveals their favorite view or concept of Hyde Hall.

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Portrait of Jane Storrs Cooper Worthington


The magnificent full-length portrait of Jane Storrs Cooper Worthington (1843-63) was commissioned by her husband, John Worthington, in 1865.   Painted by German artist Carl Ludwig Brandt, the portrait shows “Jenny” standing on the rocks at Newport, Rhode Island with the sea roaring behind her.    Its large scale (102” tall X 76” wide) is appropriate for display in the kind of huge space such as one finds in the drawing room or dining room at Hyde Hall.  We are very pleased to accept this portrait on loan from the Cooper Family. Jane Storrs Cooper Worthington was the grand-daughter of Ann Low Cary Cooper Clarke (1783-1850), whose husband, George Clarke, built Hyde Hall.

Beef Tea

Beef​ ​Tea 
Recipe from Ann Low Cary Cooper Clarke’s Time (1819-1842)
1​ ​lb.​ ​top​ ​round​ ​steak 
1​ ​pint​ ​water 
Cut​ ​meat​ ​into​ ​small​ ​pieces​ ​½-¼​ ​inch​ ​cubes.​ ​​ ​Let​ ​stand​ ​in​ ​cold​ ​water​ ​for​ ​at​ ​least​ ​2​ ​hours. 
Then​ ​bring​ ​to​ ​a​ ​boil​ ​-​ ​cut​ ​heat​ ​to​ ​very​ ​low​ ​and​ ​just​ ​barely​ ​simmer​ ​for​ ​2​ ​hours.​ ​​ ​Season​ ​to 
taste​ ​with​ ​salt​ ​and​ ​serve​ ​either​ ​strained​ ​or​ ​with​ ​a​ ​little​ ​of​ ​the​ ​bits​ ​of​ ​meat. 
From The Ladies of Hyde Hall
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