Summer is really truly here.  Our next event in collaboration with the Cooperstown Summer Music Fest, Flutes in the Drawing Room, promises to be an evening of musical delight as well as fun! On July 31st, over 20 young flutists from around the globe will gather at Hyde Hall for the culminating concert of the NY Summer Music Festival. Before the concert children can make their own flute and learn to play it!  The events are open to the public; concert begins at 7:30pm.  Enter through Glimmerglass State Park.

Five generations of the Clarke family and their friends, servants, farm workers and tradesmen passed through Hyde Hall over the years, each with their own history of love and loss. Some of them have never left, or so say the legends that have grown up over the last 150 years. The 2014 edition of The Haunting of Hyde Hall raises the specters of three people who were close to Hyde Hall in their own unique ways: Juliette Gordon Low, Samuel F. B. Morse, and Alice Lawless. See here for more details.