July 7 – What an exciting couple of weeks! Our events season is in full swing, with last week’s Cooperstown Summer Music Festival Pro Am a gigantic highlight. Even with room for 4 string players AND a 7 ft grand piano, 60+ diehard music enthusiasts managed to cram themselves into the Drawing Room for this exquisite evening of musical delight. See here for more pictures and the evening’s program. Don’t miss our next CSMF event, Flutes in the Drawing Room.

This weekend our Evening of the Arts features Samuel F. B. Morse (played by Hyde Hall site interpreter and professional actor, Gary Koutnik) and Flis Blum who will interview Morse to learn more about his time in Cherry Valley, his painting career, and his later inventions. This Evening of the Arts program takes place July 13th at 5:30. $20 per person; reservations suggested.

Five generations of the Clarke family and their friends, servants, farm workers and tradesmen passed through Hyde Hall over the years, each with their own history of love and loss. Some of them have never left, or so say the legends that have grown up over the last 150 years. The 2014 edition of The Haunting of Hyde Hall will raise the specters of three people who were close to Hyde Hall in their own unique ways: Juliette Gordon Low, Samuel F. B. Morse, and Alice Lawless. See here for more details.